Mechanical Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder Applications

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

Is widely used in mechanical, wave soldering machines, automatic dispensing machine, silk pad printing machine, spraying equipment, fly knife device, blow molding machine, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, rubber machinery, leather machinery, textile machines, carving machines, transportation systems, logistics equipment, automatic door) (railway transportation industry, machine tool automation equipment, etc., are widely used, so to speak.

The following is mainly combined with the application field of mechanical rodless cylinder explained by some industries:


1:High temperature application-Porcelain handling

Put the China from the conveyor line into the stove. Space is very limited and two rodless cylinders are used to achieve horizontal movement up and down. Cylinder can withstand high temperature 120℃.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

2:Explosion-proof applications-Explosives delivery

It's an explosives factory delivery device that pushes a round explosive into a water tank to cool it.

Actual installation space is very limited. Low cost budget, rule out using rail. The final use of rodless cylinder, with a certain guiding role, compact and reliable.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

3:High speed application-Knife flying device

The cylinder can be moved at high speed, the structure is simple, the installation is convenient, the cutting length is easy to change, the blade cost is reduced, the efficiency is high and the maintenance is easy, many large plastic machinery companies choose the mechanical rodless cylinder to do the knife device

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

4:Dust-free application-Drug delivery device

Drug delivery lines require high cleanliness, high straightness of operation, and limited space. Dust-proof rodless cylinder, low cost, with guide rail, meet strict health requirements, easy maintenance.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

5:Dust-free applications-Microelectronics industry

This is a conveyor system in the microelectronics industry to pick up a low position of the product to the high position of the conveyor line clean CLASS10 speed can be very slow 25mm/ SEC if you need accurate positioning, you can also choose the measurement system SFI, and PLC connection, accuracy up to +/-1mm
Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

6:Typical product application-Color picker

Color picker rely on light to screen, shot light screen often need to clean up, using rodless cylinder timing cleaning is the most ideal device.

The frequent opening of the high frequency valve consumes a lot of air, and the cleanliness of the compressed air is very high.

The filter elements provided by Helbiger for the high frequency valve are easy to install, convenient to maintain and cost-effective.Positioning, You can also choose the measurement system SFI, and PLC connection, accuracy up to +/-1mm

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

7:Typical product application-Tobacco machinery industry conveyor line

Tobacco is transferred from the translation line to the flip line using two parallel rodless cylinders.50% increase in efficiency and output, low maintenance, automatic control, labor saving and space saving.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

8:Typical product application-Winery palletizing

Pick up the empty bucket support frame from the ground and place it on a loading platform. A rodless cylinder is used instead of the original chain lifting mechanism. No shaking, accurate positioning, one person operation, high security, less maintenance

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

9:Automotive industry application-Engine test line

Moving the engine from the load table to the test table, due to the limited space must use the rodless cylinder, convenient maintenance, greatly saving labor and improving efficiency.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

10:Classic product application-Handling on the production line

Through the rodless cylinder to change the direction of product movement, very labor saving, high production efficiency, easy installation, low cost.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

Of course, applying mechanical rodless cylinder is certainly more than these, no matter what applying the field, the quality of the rodless cylinder, if not guaranteed, the problem, the impact is not only a point; the whole working line may stop.

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder


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