Water purification engineering automation solutions

Responsibility for water resources requires fulfilling obligations. Water, especially drinking water, has become a valuable and often expensive commodity, making efficient automation of water and wastewater treatment processes even more important. 
This is because automation reduces costs while creating the prerequisites for maintaining consistently high levels of water quality. 
With many years of experience, we are able to provide you with a one-stop solution.

One-stop supply of automated complete process valves

Drinking water and sewage treatment programs can only achieve the best results if they are implemented consistently according to the requirements from start to finish. 
Therefore, RIH provides components and system solutions for the pneumatic automation of water treatment systems that work together seamlessly. 
This includes expert support at every stage of the project.
The earlier you involve us in the systems engineering process, the greater the potential savings that can be tapped. 
Our reference project list features hundreds of projects completed around the world, and each of our clients is now realizing greater operational safety, efficiency and productivity.

Provide various levels of automation solutions for water treatment projects

RIH provides products and systems from the field level to the control level.
All our components are deeply matched to each other and we can supply suitable valve terminals, remote input/output (I/O) systems, positioner and sensor boxes, solenoids for quarter-turn drives Valves, (closed-loop controlled) linear drives, automatic butterfly and ball valves, air treatment, air piping and connection technology and complete control cabinets.

Provide support in all project phases

For us, project management means supporting clients at every stage of a project, from engineering, tendering, procurement and installation to commissioning and field service. 
With our products available globally and backed by expert sales support you can trust, there is no doubt that automation will make your water treatment process easier and more efficient. 
This is possible because proven innovations are both regenerative and safe to consistently produce high-quality water.