Wood processing company

In the era of no mechanization, the ancestors passed down their skills by word of mouth. 

Today's development needs and speed cannot meet the needs of the market at all.

Wood processing enterprises or woodworking machinery equipment have a trend of large-scale and large-scale, otherwise they will be eliminated. 

There is still a large market for backward and simple woodworking machinery in my country at this stage, and many wood processing enterprises are still implementing labor-intensive business models. 

In the future, wood processing enterprises will inevitably take the development path of industrialization, large-scale and large-scale development, and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood.

The use of Pneumatic cylinders in woodworking machinery has always been very extensive. 
As the forest resources in the country and even in the world are decreasing day by day, it is the main task of the wood industry to maximize the utilization rate of the catalogue. 
Developing various wood-based panel products and improving their quality and application range is the most effective way to utilize wood resources efficiently.

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Improve production efficiency and automation,There are two ways to improve production efficiency: 

One is to shorten the processing time, but to shorten the auxiliary time. 

To shorten the processing time, in addition to increasing the cutting speed and increasing the feed, the main measure is to concentrate the process. 

Due to the reasons of the tool, vibration and noise, the cutting speed and feed cannot be increased indefinitely, because more Tool-passing combined machine tools and multi-process concentrated machining centers have become the main development direction. 

For example, a double-end milling machine that combines the functions of sawing, milling, drilling, tenoning, and sanding; an edge banding machine that combines various processing techniques; a CNC machining center that integrates various cutting processes. 

The main purpose of shortening the auxiliary work time is to reduce the non-processing time. 

The use of a machining center with a tool magazine, or the automatic exchange of worktables between the CNC assembly line and the flexible processing unit can shorten the auxiliary work time to a minimum.